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Social Media

Just because most of the world has ‘gone social’, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right space for your brand. Choosing the ideal social channel will depend on the nature of the product or service you are selling. Business-to-business professional service brands may find that LinkedIn is the only channel worth putting energy into, while products and experiences are ideally portrayed on Instagram and on Facebook. Social media is not a shotgun type of communication strategy – you need to identify and understand who you are talking to, and when best to do so. Social media planning, content creation, publishing and analytics are all part of a comprehensive strategy and everything you post should have a clearly defined objective. Community management is key! Engaging with your customers in a highly personal way is what turns a follower into a friend, and targeted messaging is your most effective way of generating qualified leads. 


If you put a little money behind strategic content, you’ll reap the rewards!