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About OBC
Our Crew
Captain of the Ship

Michelle Damaskinos

Production Manager

Wanda Human

Head of Digital

Michelle Loewenstein

Senior Conceptual Designer

Mari-Louise Crous

Digital Media Manager

Ingrid Nemorin

Content Manager

Jade Crocket

Graphic Designer

Liz Bruchhausen

Digital Designer

Ellah Hlapolosa

Social Media Manager

Axelle Bosch

We are storytellers


We are in the business of crafting gripping stories through compelling words and beautiful graphics. We are also proficient in delivering the story, be that through website, email, social or traditional media.


We do this by integrating the principle of ‘Triple-C’:


  • Creating and distributing quality CONTENT
  • Building and engaging with digital COMMUNITIES
  • Stimulating, managing and mediating CONVERSATIONS


We love nothing more than creating a space for our clients to engage with their customers, and to enjoy themselves in the process!

Never has it been more important to communicate in a highly targeted way, treating each potential prospect as an individual instead of in the shotgun manner of traditional broadcasting. With the ever-changing nature of the Internet, the time of B-2-B (Business to Business) or B-2-C (Business to Customer) segmentation is coming to an end.
We prefer to think of communication as being P-2-P (Person to Person).


We bring this approach to the work we do by intelligent simplification:

  • Provide a solution
  • In the simplest way possible
  • In a language the customer uses
  • In the place/s where they work and play


“Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field” – Dennis Waitely.


Although we specialise in the business of luxury experiences, we are never scared of a new challenge in new markets and are of the belief that the day we stop learning, is the day we close our doors. 


For us, it’s personal. We will work with you every step of the way to show you how exciting and actually quite easy it can be to create, implement and manage an online marketing strategy.


Whether you need a simple rejuvenation of your existing brand, a custom-designed communication strategy built from the ground up or just a bit of advice to point you in the right direction, we’re just a click away.