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Your website

It’s the Mothership


We like to think of your website as the Mothership which controls all the orbiting space ships. It is the central pull for your online business and is the most important aspect of your online profile. Although there are many important aspects for building your online reputation your website can never be forgotten or downplayed.


Imagine your website as your online office building. When people walk into your office you want them to feel a sense of sophistication and professionalism. This should be represented in your online office space. In today’s world everybody lives online and for the majority of businesses your website is the first encounter that a customer has with your business. Therefore your website should reflect who you are as a business and what you stand for. Customers should be as impressed with your website as they would be if they walked into your offices.


Your website is also the platform from which you control all other online profiles. Be it Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest, whatever works best for the needs of your business. Your website is where your customers can find links to all other online profiles of your business.

Our process


These days the terms Website Design and Website Development seem to be mutually interchangeable and businesses are searching these skills as if they are the same. But fundamentally they are two exclusive terms. Web design refers to the aesthetics and usability of a website. Web development refers to the functionality and architecture of the website. Web developers bring to life the design files.


At OriginBlu we are different in that we are more concerned with the process of building your website. We believe that an integrated plan is much more efficient and effective when it comes to building an online reputation. We bring together both web design and web development in a way that will satisfy any needs your business may have. We will plan with you how your website needs to function and as we develop it we keep in mind the goals you have set for its purpose. Once we have developed your website we then bring in the design aspect and create a website that is balanced, beautiful and effective in its design and graphics.

Benefits of WordPress


Our preferred platform for building your website is WordPress. We believe that in terms of building an effective and sophisticated yet aesthetically pleasing website it is by far one of the best in content management systems. Originally it was a site created for bloggers which presented an easy way for anyone to create their own blog. It was designed for its simplicity.


It quickly evolved into a full web development platform. There are several benefits of using WordPress:

  • WordPress puts the power into the hands of the customers. Because it was originally designed for its simplicity WordPress is easy to use and understand when create a website. It means that customers do not have to rely on web developers to edit and change their web design.
  • This brings us to the ease of understanding. Gone are the days when businesses had to wait worship at the altar of their web developer who had control over every aspect of their website because only she/he could read the code. WordPress turns code into readable graphics. It is written in the common web language PHP. It means that if need be any other developer can read the code which your website is written in.
  • WordPress also has different levels of web development. You can choose from a web template that you can insert your content and information into and go. Or you can build a custom website from bottom up which you can change to suit the needs of your business. This is what OriginBlu will do for your business.
  • For businesses with a small budget WordPress brings the sophistication together with affordability. The ease of use means that we can set up the website for you but you will be able to maintain it for yourself.
  • Simply – It looks fantastic. WordPress offers a wide range of aesthetics to choose from that look sophisticated and beautifully tailored to your business.
  • As it was originally a blog site it stitches together both web design and blogs. It means that you can have a cohesive website and blog in one where you can inform and engage with your customers. Goes beyond simple broadcasting.
  • WordPress allows for the integration of e-commerce. If you decide at a later stage that you want to sell products straight from your website you can easily customize your website in order to accommodate your every need.

Your Website Options


Every business is unique. We will work with you to create a website that compliments your business perfectly.


We provide you with options when it comes to your web development and design. You can choose from:

Web templates: simple website designs for a quick set up or low budget businesses. Although these are templates, just as much care and love have been put into them. Your customers will never know the difference! Each looks professional and will still cater for the needs of your business. These templates are still customizable to your brand, and you do not need to be a web developer to be able to make changes and add your own flair.


Custom websites: we can customize your website to suit your specific business needs. We will work with you to understand what it is you want your website to represent and achieve.

Your email clans

Communicating via e-mail is something we all do. But how well we do it is questionable.


How often have your emails landed directly in your recipients’ “spam” folder without even making it past the front door? And if you are lucky enough to make it through, are you “trashed” without so much as a second glance? Do you even know what happens to your mails after you hit send?


The all-important concepts here are content and communities. We believe that if you do not have something truly interesting to communicate, rather don’t communicate it at all. You’ll just succeed in irritating your recipient, which could potentially result in irreparable damage to your brand. You should be more concerned with building a community with which you communicate new and interesting content to do with your brand.


If you do have useful and interesting content, then you need to make sure that you compile it in such a way that it reads well, looks good and gets past the spam folder. It also needs to encourage further action by way of click-throughs to your website, blog and whatever other social media platforms you are utilising. Finally, you need to analyse your mail campaigns in order to assess whether or not they were successful. Doing so will help you refine your M.O. for your future campaigns.


We’re here to help you:


  • Draft the content for your communications
  • Design the layout (in needs to be visually pleasing and in line with your brand)
  • Manage your databases
  • Upload the newsletter via a specific platform such as Everlytic – One of its many benefits is the ability to assess an email’s spam score, thereby ensuring that it gets to your recipient as intended.
  • Distribute your mail in one go on your behalf without drawing on your server capacity and bandwidth.
  • Analyse the results for you – Whose mail address is no longer valid? Who unsubscribed? Why? Who clicked through to which link? Who forwarded the mail?
  • Draw meaningful conclusions as to what content works best, when the best time to distribute your mail is, and what encourages maximum click-throughs.
  • Refine your database to exclude those people who do not want to hear from you. Your database is an asset to your business, treat it well.


Although it is a topic no one wants to talk about the many legal ramifications around e-mail marketing are important. By law you are required to give your recipients the option of unsubscribing. South Africa has moved in line with European standards, where spammers are not tolerated. Any mail that is not specifically permission-based is regarded as spam.


We know your natural instinct may be to filter out this kind of boring legalese, but it is imperative that you consider the legal aspects of email marketing when using this medium to communicate with.


We are here to help you with these legal issues so that you can focus on the more important side of your business.

Your social spaces

In terms of your brand, through social media platforms you can easily connect with your customers and have important conversations with them. These conversations can help you in building your brand and understanding what it is your target market wants. This is ultimately what social media does. It allows you to build relationships, and to leverage the power of the crowd. Favourable online relationships can eventually become one of your greatest marketing assets, as your fans become your most vocal and influential cheerleaders.


The most important advice we give to our clients is to understand exactly WHY they are embarking on the journey of social media communications. Just because everyone else is is not a good reason. You need to make sure you are communicating on platforms your clients do, and that your energy is being directed towards a specific objective. If this is not considered and established carefully, you could end up wasting a lot of energy that could be much better spent in and on your business!

Your blog

Many people do not see the necessity of having a company blog. But we believe it makes up an integral part of your online marketing strategy.


Blogs are important for the following reasons:


  • Blogs can create stronger customer relationships. They are a place for you to engage with your customers on a two-way Person-to-Person basis. They enable conversations and stimulate engagement. If customers feel connected to you and your brand, they are more likely to stay loyal.
  • Blogs drive traffic to your website. You can post inbound links directly in your blog posts in order to drive traffic to specific landing pages on your website.
  • Blogs can increase your SEO score. Blogging regularly about your business, industry, product or customer lifestyle will naturally increase your search ranking. Keywords and topics on your website are a significant way in which Google (and other search engines) find your site for these searched words.
  • Blogging can position your brand above others in that it demonstrates your company as an industry leader. Posting about topics that resonate with your market and show your knowledge market your skills as a business.
  • Blogs are a great way of ensuring continuous and fresh content, and to build a library of archived material. This lends credibility to you as an organisation.
Third party spaces

The online world is infinitely connected and by connecting with third party blogs or including inbound links to articles about your business you build these connections. It is as important to include content about related aspects to your business and to build a profile of article and other content written about your business. When customers follow these links they are able to see your brand and how it has been built and connected to the field. These inbound links are also a significant way in which Google tracks the amount of traffic you receive to your blog and to your website.


We are concerned with how you look to others, and by including yourself in the conversations that occur on third party sites you can help maintain a successful online reputation. Third party management is where we monitor and manage interactions with all external parties with which your brand may share a connection. For example TripAdvisor is a great place for people to find out about your restaurant or resort. However, you have no control over what people say and how you are rated. We will monitor these sites and the connections they link to your website. We will insure, via the content on your website, blog or social media profile, that you get links from sites such as TripAdvisor or Hello Peter, and that people are being directly linked back to your page.


Another important aspect of third party management is to find all article relating back to your business and understanding what the general sentiment is the surrounds your brand. It is important to pick up on these sentiments, whether they are good or bad, and work accordingly. So if we find a few articles in which your brand is portrayed in a bad light we start damage control in the places we can control to try and bring your brand back up. If we find articles in which your brand is the super hero then we need to link these to other platforms and to your website. By sourcing articles from other sites you will build your brand awareness and rapport with other businesses.