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Compelling web copy – Stick to the facts

Web Copy 101

It helps to be a good writer when writing web copy but there are a few more considerations to keep in mind if you want your web content to work for you.

Take the ‘me’ out of web copywriting. Don’t use the website to showcase your immense linguistic talents. Writing web copy is not about you; it’s about the company or the product you’re representing. The website is not just a platform to display your phenomenal vocabulary.

You many think that peppering your content with abstract language will make you look good but remember your job is to represent the company. Think of that awesome TV ad with graphics galore but the product doesn’t even get a proper mention. That is not what you’re after when writing copy. Take ‘you’ out of the equation and focus instead on communicating the facts.

Another lazy ‘out’ that writers are inclined to take is the use of acronyms. Acronyms are fine for those who know what they mean but an annoyance for those who don’t.

“The use of a suitcase has yielded excellent results and insured an improvement in profitability for the last quarter.” In this instance suitcase stands for ‘Portable versatile and multifunctional monitoring system that assures the energy output of low cost thermal solar facilities’.

Need I say more?

Egocentric web copy is just off-putting. A company that places itself on its own cyber-pedestal is bound to turn potential clients away. The world’s top companies don’t scream: “We are the best!” on their websites. They don’t have to. Their products and service are what make them the best. Stick to the facts. Tell the reader what the company can do for them rather than prattling on about how wonderful it is.

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